Stеfаn Nеmаnjа

A great Serbian ruler, the unifier of the Serbian lands, the creator of an independent Serbian state, defender of Orthodoxy, destroyer of heresy (false and harmful teaching). Son of prince Zаvida, first baptised in a Latin church, but later once again in an Orthodox one. A Great Prince of Serbia from 1168. In his old age, when his rule was well founded in Rаša (the early Serbian state) and when he saw a worthy successor to his throne, his younger son Stеfаnа (the First-Crowned), Stefan Nemanja quietly relinquished the earthly crown and went to the Studenica Monastery he had built earlier, so that as a quiet monk, he could earn a heavenly crown from the Heavenly King Jesus Christ. He took the name Simeon. After two years of a monastic life in Studenica, he joined his son Sava on Mount Athos. At first they both lived in prayers in a Greek monastery of Vatopedi, restoring, building and adorning the monastery. Then they purchased the ruins of Hilandar and built a beautiful monastery, where Simeon lived for only 8 months, when on 13 February 1200 (26 February by the Julian calendar) he died. Soon his relics proved as myrrh-streaming (fragrant) and miraculous. Numerous miraculous healings of various diseases occurred there. And already within a year, the Mount Athos Assembly canonised him to St Simeon the Myrrh-Streamer.


The name Stеfаn, (Stephen) is the Serbian version of the Greek one Stеphаnоs – crown, garland. It is also the name of an Archdeacon, Stephen, the first Christian martyr who died for his faith. All the rulers, Nеmаnja’s successors – starting from the founder of the dynasty – added to their names the name of a ruler, StеfаnStephen, after the Saint Stephen, keeper of the dynasty.


St Simеоn the Myrrh-Streamer is celebrated on 26 February (13th by the Julian calendar), on the day he died. On the place he was buried in the Hilandar Monastery (before his relics were moved to Serbia), a miraculous grape vine grew, existing even today. The grapes of the St Simeon’s vine treats the childless couples’ infertility.


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Wife Аnа (Аnаstаsiа), sons Vukаn, Stеfаn the First-Crowned, Rаstkо (Sаvа)