Battle of Kumanovo

The Battle of Kumanovo is considered a revenge for Kosovo. It took place between the Serbs and the Turks during the Balkan wars, in October 1912, in the vicinity of Kumanovo. It was a serious war clash, as both armies charges at one another. Due to better deployment of the Serbian troops, good initiative and bravery on the part of the First Serbian Army soldiers and officers, the attack of a much greater and superior enemy was pushed back and the battle won by surprise.


The monument to the Kumanovo heroes on Srebrnjak hill near Kumanovo was damaged by the occupying forces in the WWII.


Kumanovo, near Skoplje, present FYR Macedonia


The First Balkan War (1912–1913) against the Ottoman empire was fought for the liberation of all the territories. Participants in the war were Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria (members of the Balkan League).

The great victory at Kumanovo was the first Serbian victory in the First Balkan War, predicting an impending end of the Ottoman rule on the Balkans. After more than 500 years, once again Serbian army dominated in Kosovo, and after the Battle of Kumanovo, they entered Skoplje, the seat of the Serbian state in the time of Emperor Dušan.


Serbian Supreme Command Commander-in-Chief was General Radomir Putnik, and his aid was lieutenant Živojin Mišić. At the most critical moment, a hero of the battle, major Vojislav Nikolajević, charged alone, bearing a flag, pulling the rest of the soldiers with him. Then he fell wounded five times.