The Confluence

Belgrade has a unique position – at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. Sava is 945km long and was the first Yugoslav river: its source is Slovenia, it flows through the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, and along a larger section of its course it is a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now it is a navigable way, connecting the West Balkans countries. Its last 207 km flow through Serbia, creating a confluence with the Danube in Belgrade. Along the Belgrade Sava and Danube banks there are 16 islands, the best known being the Great War Island, Ciganlija Island and Grocka Island. The Great War island, at the very Confluence, across Kalemegdana, in the past was an important strategic point for invading Belgrade, which Turks and Austrians, but also the Karađorđe’s insurgents exploited. Today it is a natural reserve of rare bird species.


The word Sava come from Greek sa, sos – strong, powerful, assured, and the name Sabaziosalso come from that word – of Sava. The name is also linked to the name of the town of Šabac, on the right Sava bank.


It is said that by its position,  Belgrade is the third city in the world – only Brasilia and Istanbul are better positioned than Belgrade.