For the Serbs, a Greek island of Corfu was the “Island of Salvation”,  the final destination after the Albanian Golgotha. On Corfu, the expenses of the Serbian army recuperation, provisions and new equipment were taken over by the French and British allies. They did everything in their power to save the lives of the Serbs, but also to create conditions for the restoration of the Serbian government administration.

Only a kilometre away from the city port of Corfu, there is a small island of Vido, where at that time a hospital was established for the Serbian soldiers. In those first days upon arrival of Serbs, the allies did not have enough time to establish a proper facility and provisions. People were dying of hunger, cold and icy rain that was falling for days. In the hospital on Vido, several hundred soldiers were dying daily. On Corfu, both the Serbian army and the state were restored. The government was in a hotel, and the assembly arranged sessions in the National Theatre  building provided for that purpose. Serbian newspapers were printed on Corfu, as well as many books and textbooks for the children. A primary school was opened for 290 pupils and a junior grammar school with 120 students. Even the sports societies were established.