The Serbian Code book and this web page are just a beginning of a process. We have set up the first level of researching the constant Serbian character and cultural properties, as well as the Serbian idiosyncrasies within the family of world nations. In order to go on to the next level, we need new partners of good will.

Serbs often regard themselves either in the best or the worst light, but we lack the real researchers. Of course, a Serbian researcher we need in this project does not necessarily have to be cold and unbiased. A level of affection towards one’s nation is preferable. A person without love cannot learn anything either about him/herself or others. Only love makes it possible for us to get to know ourselves, people around us, our nation, other peoples and nations. As love does not mean blindness, but a calmer and deeper insight, we should get to know both good and bad characteristics of our own nation, as well as of others. In order to do that, one has to stand apart for a moment, place oneself in a position of someone watching from aside, but benevolently, with love.

We advise all the interested parties to order the Serbian Code book or to go directly to the Project page where they will find instructions about how to go about this site.

By Nebojsa Tomic