A stream is a small river which unlike a river has no particular source, but is formed by waters streaming downhill. It is the streams that gather water in the nature and convey it to rivers. Almost every village has its stream, and where there are no streams, artificial beds are dug. Such works were organised for the whole village and everyone participated. The seasonal streams are called the torrents. It is easy to cross a stream in the summer, to wade across or even jump over. But when the torrents start, people crossed over a log or a plank. For the drawn carts, small wooden bridges were built.


That Serbia abounds in stream is best seen in the names of places (potok – a stream): Zubin Pоtоk, Bоlјаkоv pоtоk, Bubаnj Pоtоk, Bеli Pоtоk, Gnjili pоtоk, Меđеđi pоtоk, Моsоrski pоtоk, Мrаtinjski pоtоk, Dubоki pоtоk, Lisičјi pоtоk, Dоbri pоtоk, Bаbin pоtоk, …