Everyone knows what a meadow is– a spread of land covered with grass for everyone to enjoy running or just lying down. As much as children do, sheep, cows and all sorts of bugs enjoy being in the meadow as well. The usual meadow plants are the grasses, leguminous plants, sedges and those of the daisy family. A meadow is usually a transitional form between arid steppes and moist moors and bogs. Meadows can be the primary ones (areas naturally not suited for trees) and the secondary ones, made by clearing woods and which have to be maintained by mowing, otherwise they would soon turn into a forested area. Meadows around villages are usually of the secondary type, whereas the mountain pastures are of the primary one.


There is a nature reserve Crveni Potok (the Red Stream) in Мitrоvac on Таra mountain with a famous carpet meadow. This field, looking like a small clearing with fine soft grass, is actually a peat bog – a wetland formed by deposits of dead plant material, so it gives an impression of growth. Walk on the grass is like walk on a carpet, but only when the weather is dry. On wet weather it is a common bog.