Perhaps the greatest evil the mankind has created and that has taken millions of lives is war. War is an open armed conflict between the nations, interpreted as “War Continues Policy By Violent Means “ in order to realise interests of a state. There are offensive and defensive wars. By participating in a defensive war, soldiers sacrifice their lives defending their faith, freedom and the lives of their close ones.

Serbs have had a great number of wars and almost each one was a defensive one. Thus our nation, besides having a glorious history of warfare, has a great number of martyrs who dies on battlefields. Serbs are one of the peoples who suffered the greatest number of innocent, civilian victims in war conflicts.


Just in a few past generations, Serbs have had several brutal armed conflicts. The 1876–1878 Serbian-Ottoman wars, the 1885 Serbian-Bulgarian war, the1912–1913 Balkan wars against the Turks and Bulgarians, the 1914–1918 First World War, the 1941–1945 Second World War, 1991–1995 wars after Yugoslavia broke apart and the 1999 Kosovo war and NATO bombardment.