Usually when love is mentioned, one thinks of love between a man and a woman, but there many sorts of love. Love between children and their parents, love of friends, love of one’s nation, the homeland. Every true love has its grounds in sacrifice. The one who loves has to sacrifice something for those who are an object of that love: one’s selfishness, habits, needs, or even one’s life.

Love is the first and most important of God’s commandments for both the individuals and the people in general. For centuries it has been a leading principle of the Serbian nation. No one national value in Serbs would have survived if it had not been justified or testified through Christian love to God and thy neighbour. And so the history of Serbs is full of examples of selfsacrificing, all motivated by an essential virtue of Christian love.


Homage to Love, by Despot Stefan Lazarević; the lyrical folk poetry sings of the most beautiful examples; the epic folk poetry testify about love of the Serbian heroes towards their homeland and to those around them; the Santa Maria della Salute, by Laza Kostić,  Kasijana, by the Holy Bishop Nikolaj…