It is a symbol of martyrdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and a symbol of Christianity in general. After a circle, cross is the oldest symbol of humankind. Jesus Christ died on the cross of his own free will, giving himself as ransom for all (1 Tim. 2. 6.) In his act of saving the world from death, the meaning of every sacrifice is revealed.

Apostle Paul pointed out that his sermons were about Jesus on the Cross, denoting his teaching as the Preaching of the Cross. The preaching was about Jesus’ resurrection. Dying on the cross and the victory over death O have been inseparable ever since. All other events in Jesus’ life have been viewed through the Cross and Resurrection.

Millions of people all over the world were aware of and willing to die with Jesus so that they could be resurrected with Him into Eternal Life. Jesus’ Cross, in its symbolic as well as in its true meaning is frequently used in Serbs, testifying about one of the truly believing people of the Christian world.


Greek, stavros, Latin, crux, Slavic, krest, English, cross.


All over the world a symbol believing in Jesus Christ. To put a cross on oneself is to express one’s Christian feelings, to emphasise a significance of a moment, to protect oneself from temptation.  Christians wear a symbol of the cross on a chain on their necks. In olden times, a cross was a sign of military gear and could be found on many states’ and cities’ coats of arms. Giving a blessing in the sign of a cross is the most common elements of Christian religious service. There are crosses on church buildings, on Christian graves and in the Christian homes


There scores of different artistic forms of a cross. The Serbs have commonly used a Latin, a Byzantine and St Andrew’s cross. When there is an image of Christ on a cross, it is called the Crucifixion and can be seen on fresco painting and icons.  The Crucifixion fresco in the Studenica Monastery from the 14th century is one of the most authentic representations of jesus’ Cross.