The House of Оbrеnоvić

The Serbian family that ruled from 1815 to 1842 and from 1858 to 1903. The Оbrеnоvić family came to power on the grounds of the Мilоš’s leadership in the Second Serbian Uprising and his superior skills in political negotiating, which led to the formation of the Principality of Serbia.  Under Мilаn Оbrеnоvić, in 1882, Serbia became a kingdom. The Оbrеnоvić Dynasty rulers were: Prince Мilоš (1815–1839; 1858–1860), Prince Мilаn (1839, briefly reigned for 13 days, when he died), Prince Michael (1839–1842; 1860–1868), Prince and then King Мilаn (1868, under a regency; from 1882 a king) and King Alexander (1889–1903). Two out of five rulers of the Оbrеnоvić Dynasty were assassinated: Prince Michael and King Alexander.

The end of the Оbrеnоvić’s rule was marked by the assassination of King Alexander in 1903, organised by a secret movement the Black Hand, supported by the renegade officers. The given reason for such a tragic end of the young king was his reckless choice of his wife, the queen. At the Serbian throne, the House of Оbrеnоvić  was replaced with the House of Kаrаđоrđеvić.


Unlike other Balkan countries, Serbia never accepted any member of foreign royal dynasties to be its ruler, but was the only Balkan Orthodox state with its own royal dynasties – first the Оbrеnоvićs, and then the Kаrаđоrđеvićs.


Still today the people of Serbia show their respect for the old national ruling family by erecting monuments and by naming the squares and streets after them.