In all the periods of their history, particularly during the revolt times, the Serbs sought the national freedom. Freedom from servitude and foreign rule was always a mission of numerous generations of our ancestors, an ideal for which many Serbs readily gave their lives. In the national terms, freedom is a sign of a nation’s identity and dignity, which includes a necessity to be independent, free of any foreign power influence.

Freedom was the first thought in the minds of Serbs during centuries of servitude, as well as a direct cause for organising revolts at various points in their history.


In Orthodox teaching, the Christian freedom from sin and death often relates to the freedom of religious confession, which had to be won through political negotiation or military defence. The order of the Orthodox Church Holy Warriors   testify to the spiritual importance of the struggle for freedom, primarily in protection of lives and dignity of the close ones: one’s compatriots and family.


For the Holy Cross and Golden Freedom – the most often cited line from the folk epic poetry, which explains the determination and motivation of the Serbian people for numerous single and joint heroic ventures.

Will Freedom be able to sing as the slaves have sung of it – is a well-known line by a poet, Brаnko Мilјkоvić. The ideal of freedom is always the purest while the struggle for it lasts.