Мilоš Оbrеnоvić

The leader of the Second Serbian Uprising and Serbian Prince from 1815 to 1839 in the first term, and from 1858 to 1860 in his second term. He took part in the First and led the Second Serbian Uprising, and founded the Serbian ruling dynasty of Оbrеnоvić. Under his rule, Serbia became an independent principality within the Ottoman Empire. He also started a process of restoration of the Serbian state, as well as the modern Serbia home and foreign policy. The result of Мilоš’s diplomatic prowess was a high level of Serbian independence under the supreme Turkish rule.   The Turkish sultan’s 1830 and 1833 decrees made Serbia a sovereign principality, and Мilоš Оbrеnоvić the hereditary prince.

People of Serbia resisted Мilоš’s wilful and often brutal manner of exercising authority. In 1835, pressured by the people, he accepted the Constitution, but taking advantage of the European powers discord, Russia and Turkey, he soon abolished it.

In 1839 he withdrew from the power in favour of his son Мilаn, and soon Michael, as well. After the assassination of Prince Michael Оbrеnоvić, the Kаrаđоrđеvić family took over the power for a short while. Мilоš returned to power in 1858, two years before he died.


Мilоš’s original family name was Теоdоrоvić. The surname of Оbrеnоvić he adopted from his maternal half-brother, vоivоdе Мilаn, who was widely known and respected all over Serbia. Мilоš Оbrеnоvić’s title was prince. The Serbian word, knjаz, an Old Slavic for prince. The word knjаžеstvо is of the same root, meaning a principality.


The Serbs highly respected Мilоš’s political and negotiations skills, so many of his sayings became a part of the national tradition – featuring in stories, anecdotes and event proverbs.


Master Јеvrеm and Master Јоvаn – Мilоš’s brothers, Princess Ljubicа (nee  Vukоmаnоvić) – Мilоš’s wife.