Likа is a mountainous region in Hrvаtskој, surrounded by mountain Vеlеbit to the south and Plјеšеvica to the north. There is a village of Smilјаnе there, the Nikоla Теsla’s birth place.


Towns of Lika are Gоspić, Оtоčаc and Grаčаc. The river Gаckа runs through Lika.

The Plitvice lakes National Park is in Lika.


When Tesla was born, Likа was part of the Military Frontier region, which had already for three centuries been populated with Serbs, serving the Austro-Hungarian  empire as frontiersmen.

The Serbs in Lika suffered a fierce pressure by the hand of the Roman Catholics to deny their Orthodox faith. In the period of Tesla’s youth, Lika and the whole Military Frontier region was disarmed and the Serbs lost their privileged frontiersmen status. Several years later, the Military Frontier was abolished and annexed to Transleithania, the Hungarian part of the empire.

Serbian population lived in Lika up to the 20th century, when they were driven out by force.