genius is an extraordinary intellectually, spiritually and creatively gifted person who have placed the whole humanity in debt in the fields of science, culture, art, politics and so on.  Remarkable and unparalleled people, geniuses are pride and joy of their nations and environment they came from. Technically, a genius is person of an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140. There less than 0.5% of such people in the world, but considering other features of theirs and living conditions, very few of them accomplish notable success.

Serbian geniuses – scientists like Теsla, Pupin or Мilаnkоvić, characterised not only by their deep understanding of the field they were dealing with, but also by a broad area of their interest and an unparalleled originality.


In a spiritual sense, a genius is a person with a special divine vocation, not unlike the Old Testament prophets. Their way of live is often quite unusual, completely focused on realisation of a special mission within a field of their interest.


Nikоlа Теslа, Мihаilо Pupin, Мilutin Мilаnkоvić. Nikоlа Теslа is the greatest Serbian genius and one of the personages whose inventions indebted the whole world for modern civilisation conveniences.

He led a lonely life, not caring much for his financial status. His unusual quotes made him quite popular during his lifetime, opening up a way for some fantastic interpretations of his achievements.