Zаhumlје or the Hum Land, today Hеrzеgоvinа, by the 10th century, was the mediaeval Serbian principality covering southern Dalmatia and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It stretched from the Neretva river basin (today B&H) up to the Lim river in Serbia.

In the early 10th century, Zаhumlје became part of the Serbian Prince Čаslаv Klоnimirоvić’s state.

The earliest known ruler of Zаhumlјe was Мihајlо Višеvić (910–950).

When St Sava left for Athos, Zаhumlје remained under the rule of his uncle, Nemanja’s brother Мirоslаv, known for the Miroslav Gospel written in one of his endowments


Besides being a ruler of Zаhumlјe for a while, later on, St Sаvа – as the first Serbian archbishop – founded the Hum or Zаhumlje bishopric with its seat in Ston on the Pеlјеšаc peninsula (present Croatia).