The Holy Land

A promised land of the Jews where the first patriarch Abraham settled. The Holy Land is holy for Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Son of God Jesus Christ spent his earthly life in the Holy Land. There he was born in his human body, there he was educated, performed his miracles, died for the humanity and resurrected. There he went to Heaven, from where – as he promised – he would come again. The land where the Son of God walked upon in his human body abounds in memories and traces of his life. The Cave of His Birth; the River Jordan where He was baptised; the Mount of Olives where he prayed to His Father; His Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem…  For centuries the Holy land and its Holy Coty of Jerusalem have been a destination of pilgrims all over the world.


Through history the Holy Land was also called Cаnааn, Israel, Јudeа, Palestine.


Eastern Mediterranean, on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.


In the past, when travels were long and dangerous, St Sava went to the Holy Land twice, visiting the sacred places, bestowing gifts and at the monastery of Mar Sabbas the Sanctified in the Judean desert, he was given a miraculous icon of the Blessed Mother of God of Three Hands.