Yoghurt is a product of the past and the future. In Serbs it is almost a staple food. The product is known from the time immemorial and in the world that values healthy food ever so much, yoghurt has easily found its place in the overall diet. It is a very healthful and readily digestible food. It is made through a natural process of bacterial fermentation of milk. A good quality yogurt contains 2 million live lactic bacteria in one gram! Also a variant of yoghurt is produced in this country, called “sour milk”, which actually the same as yoghurt, but in a less liquid form. Yoghurt is rich in calcium, so much needed for bones and muscles, in a form that our body can use readily. It also contains lots of proteins that our body cannot produce on itself, so they have to be taken in through diet.


The word yoghurt is a Turkish one, meaning “sour milk”.


Yoghurt has been made in Asia, Turkey and in the Balkans for ages. It is thought to have originated in Turkey where it was made for the first time, probably by accidental fermentation due to the existing bacteria. The Western civilisation came to like it in the early 20th century, when it was noticed that people who had it in their diets lived longer.