Another old-fashioned dish made of cornmeal boiled in water is polenta, kаčаmаk in Serbian. It is popular all over the Balkans. In Herzegovina and Montenegro it is called purа, the Wallachians call it mаmаlјigа, the Croats, žgаnci, the Italians pоlеntа, made of corn semolina (baked and milled corn grain). Polenta is also quite common in Serbia because it is quite simple to make. However, the dish that our grandmothers used to prepare had to be cooked and stirred for a long time, but it tasted much better. And when you add some curded cream in it …


Kаčаmаk [katʃa-mak] is a Turkish word, denoting (!) a minor offence one wants to cover up.