St John

Among the evangelists figures that surround the Saviour Jesus Christ,  јеvаnđеlskim ličnоstimа St John has a special place. His birth was an exceptional one – a Judean high priest Zachariah and his wife venerable Elizabeth got him in their old age, as Archangel Gabriel had promised. His mother, Elizabeth, was a relative to Holy Mother of God, who only a little later than Elizabeth got John, gave birth to Jesus Christ. That is why, John is said to be the Christ’s forerunner, but also because his preaching, an invitation to repent, he sent as an anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. John spent his youth in the desert and thence he sent an invitation for baptism. Besides numerous Judeans, the baptism took the one who did not need it – Our Lord Jesus Christ, but John accepted Him for all the others, as their Saviour. John was quite influential and had his disciples, which king Herod saw as a threat, capturing and imprisoning John, where he was killed.


The Forerunner and The Baptist of our Lord, the Church celebratesseveral times in a year, remembering the events relating to him: on St John’s Day on 7th/20th January a St John’s assemble is celebrated. St John’s Day is the third popular family patron saint in Serbs (after St Nicholas and St Michael). Also on St John’s Day on 24th June/7th July, it is a celebration of the Forerunner; on 29th August/11th September it is the Day of Beheading of St John. The Church also celebrates the Conception of St John, as The First and the Second Discovery of St John’s Head.


St john The Baptist fresco in the Pustinja (Desert) Monastery near Valjevo.