St Basil of Ostrog

One of the most loved and most venerated Serbian saints, St Basil of Ostrog the Miracle Maker, was born in a village of Мrkоnjić in Pоpоvo Pоlјe in Hеrzеgоvina, to simple but pious parents. His father was the abbot of the Zаvаlа Monastery. Basil himself was dedicated to the Church from an early age and when he grew up a bit, he went to the Zavala Monastery, where he took the monastic vows. He soon became popular for his austere and prayerful way of life. Against his will he was ordained for the Zahumlje bishop, and then for the Metropolitan of eastern Herzegovina. He moved to the Оstrоg Monastery, which soon became a spiritual centre and a sanctuary for the Herzegovina people. He died in 1671, and seven years later his uncorrupted  relics were disovered.


Both the Orthodox Christians and Muslims bow to his relics, finding cure to their grave illnesses and suffering. He is celebrated on 29th April (12th May by the Julian calendar)