Тrоpаrion is a short religious hymn consisting of one stanza of several verses, expressing  and celebrating the main theme of the event (a festivity or a saint). The usually celebrated saints have their own troparia, while others may celebrated with a general one, common to all, just changing the name. Thus, there are general troparia for the martyrs, the venerable, the apostles, the archangels, the prophets, the saints (holy bishops), confessors, and so on. The basic elements of church chanting, the troparia, occur as single songs, but also as parts of the most important complex form of the ecclesiastic music – the canon. Although there are other types of church singing, it may be said that every short church song is a troparion.


Serbian folk has a saying,  ‘Each Saint a Troparion’. Which means that everyone gets what he/she deserves.