Аvа Јustin

The latest Serbian saint, Saint Јustin Ćеliјski (of the Cells) or Аvа Јustin was canonised at the SOC Assembly in May 2010. Born in Vranje, before the WWII Father Јustin Pоpоvić was a professor at the School of Theology of Belgrade. After the war, the communist authorities banned him from leaving the monastery of a symbolic name – Ćеliје (The Cells). There he spent the rest of his life, when he died on the Lady Day in 1979. As a great spiritual teacher and a theologian, he wrote and edited numerous theology books, among which a special place goes to the Lives of the Saints.


Аvа comes from Aramaic, meaning a father, and used as spiritual father, a spiritual teacher.


His day is celebrated on the 1st, i.e. the 14th June.