The Niš Spa

A spa quite famous for a song that mentions it, Niškа bаnjа, tоplа vоdа, zа Nišliје živа zgоdа, is situated in the south-east Serbi, 10 km from Niš to the south, on the slopes of Kоritnjаk, the far end of the western branch of Suva Plаnina. Radioactive waters from its springs is good for treating rheumatism, heart, respiratory and neurological conditions.


Extreme sports in a spa resort? Well, yes! In the Spa, on the  Kоritnjаk slopes, competitions are held in paragliding, and in the nearby Sićеvаc Canyon, the wild canyon of the Nišаva river, there is a kayak regatta.


The ancient Romans used to love bathing and baths and were the first to enjoy the benefits of the spa waters. In the first centuries A.D., the Spa was a fancy settlement of villas and spacious baths (thermae). Hot water from the spa was piped to the patrician villas in the nearby Mediana. The turks also liked to bathe. In 1521, Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent and his suite often used to ‘wash off’ the dust they gathered on their way to unconquered Belgrade. The Niš Spa was visited by King Аlеxаnder Kаrаđоrđеvić, as well. Today, his villa is one of the Spa tourist attractions.