Old Mountain

Other name of the Stаra Plаnina mountain range, the Bаlkаns, lent its name to the whole Balkan Peninsula. The Stаrа Plаninа (the Balkans) is a system of mountain ranges stretching from Zајеčаr to the Black Sea, 550 km in its length. What we usually consider as Stаra Plаnina is its smaller part, stretching along the Serbian-Bulgarian border, from – from Nеgоtin, via Zајеčаr, Knjаžеvac, Pirоt and Dimitrоvgrаd, 150 km in length. The other part divides Bulgaria in two. With its high peaks and vast pastures, its diversity of the flora and fauna, Stаrа Plаninа could a paradise for animal husbandry, ski tourism, hunt and medicinal herbs productions. However, it’s all just in the realm of ideas and people are not returning to its abandoned villages


The people of the Stаra Plаnina on both sides of the border uses just three grammatical cases, although Serbian language has seven and Bulgarian – one.


The highest peak on the Serbian side is  Мidžоr (2,169 m), and there several others up to 2000 m – Gоlеmа Glаvа, Srеbrnа Glаvа, Тri Čukе, Vrаžја Glаvа, … On the «low» Bаbin Zubu (1,758 m) there is a ski centre, and a master plan has been made for the construction of even 100 km of ski-tracks.


History does not record any major battles in these mountains.