There are all sorts of cheeses today, in Serbia all called kаčkаvаlј, but this particular type nowadays is made only in small quantities in Pirоt. It is also called the old mountain cheese or the Pirot kаčkаvаlј, and it was made in the Pirot region until the 1990’s, when huge flocks of sheep on Stara Planina got almost extinct. It is one of the best cheeses in the world, and its special flavour comes from the grazing areas and the bacteria characteristic for this region. Usually, it is the sheep’s milk cheese, but it can be made of cow’s and goat’s milk, as well, or a mixed one.  Whatever one may prefer …


The Pirоt kаčkаvаlј is made by putting the chunks of curded milk into hot water so as to get an elastic paste which is then salted and knead until wheels of cheese are obtained. In the following 15 days they are turned over several times and then left to age up to 6 months.


Finally, a campaign has been launched to “brand”  the Pirоt kаčkаvаlј, but as there are too few sheep, it can be done only with cow’s milk


Before the WWII, the complete cheese production was exported. In the 1960’s it used to be served in the White House.