A family is a social group consisting of parents, their children and close relatives living under the same roof. As they say – a family is a fundamental social nucleus. That means that the family is the basic and primary way the human beings were organised and still are. The family is the oldest and the most permanent social group. What keeps the family members together is love, and that love makes that individual members become one – a family. A family is like a living being, consisting of various parts, and then again, each part is a human being, a complete person. The family primarily consists of parents – mother and father – and their children. The children are siblings to each other – brothers and sisters. It is a nuclear family. An extended family consists of grandparents, parents of the mother and the father, and sometimes there is also a close relative in a group – an uncle or an aunt. Boundaries between a family and relatives are not strict and usually depend on the tradition and the historic point in time.


A wedding is when two people are united into one – a married couple. Weddings are the most cheerful festivities when families multiply and expand. There is a spring festivity called Mladenci(Bride and Groom), celebrated by a couple married in that year.