Sweet and juicy, usually quite soft, but sometimes hard to bite and crunchy, pears used to be called the “gift from gods”. They were a privilege of higher classes. This is the fruit that is first recommended in baby food as its main ingredient. Besides being easy to digest, no baby can resist its taste. Pear is related to apple and quince. There are many varieties of pears: the July mottle,  Clapp’s FavouriteSanta MariaWilliamsStark DeliciousPasse Crassane, are all domestic varieties. The pear is of a specific shape belonging to the pomaceous fruits and  contains stone cells („grit“). Pear is beneficial in preventing a cold, heart conditions and bowel disorders. Also a pear Williams brandy is made, but also jams, compotes, whole fruit preserves …


The old Serbian varieties are kаrаmаnkа (mostly grown by the WWII and a tree can be up 200 years old), water melon pearthe Monk and the Arab, and may be found today only in some orchards in Homolje, Šumаdiјa and around Vаlјеvo.


Pear is native to Western Asia and has been known for 3,000 years. Until the 18th century, its flesh was not so soft and juicy. The today’s pears are a result of cultivation and cross-breeding with other fruit.