Who does not like nice, fleshy, sweet, dark red or a bit chewy, white cherries? Cherries are overall beneficial: fresh – they act against physical or mental fatigue, when sour, they remove bad mood, lower cholesterol levels, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, sooth asthma and allergy symptoms. A cherry is easy to grow, does not require any pruning and is resistant to many diseases and pests. Besides, picking cherries, climbing a tree that may be up to 4 metres tall, can be great fun, but requires caution.


Already the Bronze Age people knew about the cherry. In the 8th century BC, the cherry is cultivated in Greece and Turkey. In 74 BC, it is brought to Rome from Turkey. Owing to the Greeks, the cherry was cultivated and owing to the Romans and their legions, it was spread all over the Old Continent.