The Leskovac Grill

The Leskovac Grill or Lеskоvаčki rоštilј is the name for grilled dishes, primarily mince, usually hot. The Lеskоvаčki rоštilј is a brand name, so it cannot be any grilled hamburger. The Leskovac Grill is usually made of beef with some vegetables and spices. It is quite common for the Leskovac cuisine to use lots of vegetables, peppers being the main feature. What is it that distinguishes these dishes from any others? The natives of Lеskоvac say that they have accomplished perfection in the choice of meat and the manner of cooking and grilling. First the mince has to rest for 24 hours at 40C, then it is minced once again and made into a paste from which kebab, hamburgers and other specialities are made (ćеvаpiplјеskаvicеuštipci). The basic thing in the Leskovac Grill is the kebab meat. And it’s not only meat, but also finely chopped onion, course ground chilli pepper or fresh hot peppers. Small bites are made of the same type of mince as for kebabs, but with added cheese, bacon and garlic. The Lеskоvаc sausages are made of  mixed beef and pork mince, and the small pork pieces are used for the famous Leskovac Mix with added onion, tomato and the Leskovac hot peppers. Enjoy!


The word grill denotes iron bars for cooking meat, but also the meat cooked on the grill.


In 2009, the Leskovac Grilled Meat (Lеskоvаčko rоštilј mеsо) became an official brand name, a trademark. The product can be recognised by its oval logo with an image of a Simmental bull, the Leskovac Grill meat mixture is made of. There is a Grill Festival in Lеskоvac in the first half of September each year.