Prosciutto or Serbian pršut or pršuta is the most valued and the best quality pork meat, having a long tradition. Prosciutto is usually dried pork (also beef or lamb). It production is a long process.  When we talk about the highly valued njеguški pršut, the prosciutto of Njeguši, the process may last up to a year. Pork leg meat is first deboned, then salted only with sea salt, then put in layers into troughs, after a while the meat is taken out and pressed and then smoked for about 6 weeks. After that the meat is left to mature in a well aired dark room up to 6 months. As for the užički pršut, the prosciutto of Užice, the drying process does not last that long, for about 2 months, as the pieces of meat are smaller. The best is the beef prosciutto of Užice.


The Serbian words pršutpršutа [prʃut; prʃuta ] comes from Italian, prosciutto, meaning ham. The noun is derived from the Italian verb prosciugare – to dry completely, which is further derived from Latin perexsiccatus (perexsicco) – dried out.


There are three regions in this country where such is produced, thence the names of the products: the Dalmatian, the Užice and the Njeguši prosciutto. It is also produced in Italy and in Slovenia – the Kras prosciutto. In Serbia, where every now and then there is some or the other food festival, there is also the Prosciutto Festival in Маčkаt (a Zlаtibоr village).