A candle has always served to provide light. It is made of beeswax, and a bee is a symbol of diligence and purity. In more recent times, due to a lack of pure beeswax, paraffin or ceresin are used for candle material. Besides the Old testament icon lamp, the candle was also used in the church divine service in the first years of Christianity. The slava candle is an obligatory item on the day of celebration.


Light is a symbol of good, of God. The history of the world starts with God separating the light from the darkness. And God said, ”Let there be light”, and there was light. (Genesis, 1-3) The end of history will abolish darkness altogether. There shall be neither light of the sun nor of the moon, for the Lord gives light in everything – says the Revelation to John, the last book of the Bible. A special meaning to the candle and the icon lamp, as sources of light is in their fire that radiates light. Fire purifies the impure, and the light drives away the darkness and therefore the demons.

Candlelight in the divine service, as on the celebration day, is a substitute for the sacrificial flames. The light created, which originates from the material sources, in the Church serves as a symbolic road sign towards the light of God and has a significant ritual role. The liturgical rules prescribe that a temple should be lit in some moments and dark in others. A candle is given to the newly christened and the newlyweds. All the congregated people hold candles during a memorial service. Light in Church always represents Christ (the World light) and the Enlightenment He has brought to us – to know the true God, a possibility to reach God and a gift to commune with Him.