Wedding is the beginning of a couple’s marriage and in the Orthodox Church the ceremony also has its sacramental significance. In this way the Church recognises and blesses the newly wed for their new life in which they become one in love. The wedding rite is a God’s act of turning a common, swaying human affection into spiritual strength. In this way the Church helps the couple to cope with all the difficulties of a family life, particularly those between themselves. In the further development of the relationship between the spouses, a priest, on behalf of the church,  takes up a role of a marriage advisor for all the potential issues.


In Serbs, wedding is connected with nuptials, a wedding celebration, when all the extended family and friends share in the joy of the newlyweds. And again, the best man, or godfathers, has a great role at the wedding and in life of the spouses. At a wedding the best man or the godfather stand witness to the maturity and seriousness of the bride’s and groom’s resolution and take over an obligation, along with the priest, to look after their spiritual life.