Virgin Mary

Mother of God, Holy Virgin Mary. The Orthodox Christians express their special love and reverence for the Mother of God of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  She is the greatest among all the holy figures, higher even from the holy angels.

God chose Mary, as a sinless virgin, to be the mother to His Son of human nature. Besides the God’s invitation, her consent was also important. The Christians express their reverence to the Holy Mother of God because of the son’s love that Jesus Christ expressed for Her. She is the representative of all the believers who celebrate her and pray to her.


Just by pronouncing the name Mother of God, the Christians express their belief that she gave birth to the true God who became a true man.


There are several festivities of the Virgin – celebration of her birth (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary), the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple, where she spent her childhood (Presentation of the Holy Virgin), the Annunciation by the archangel Gabriel that she would give birth to the Son of God (Annunciation) and her Assumption or Dormition.

Prayers to the Virgin are equally important. The Orthodox prayers: Mother of God,  full of graceand many others, as well as a short prayer: Blessed Mother of God, have mercy upon us and save us.


The Serbian Orthodox churches and homes keep numerous icons of the Holy Virgin. A great part of the songs and prayers at church are dedicated to her and her son, Jesus Christ.