The Serbian word pоp is a popular name for a priest, a person who maintains order in a church.  In the Orthodox world, preaching and activities of the Church is divided into smaller regions, called the parishes. A priest is a spiritual leader of a parish. He prepares for the services at school and at the school of theology. A priest is ordained at church by being at disposal to his bishop.

He is easily recognised by his beard and black robe, which he wears on all occasions. They express his dedication to God and a special office within the people he is in contact with. A priest gives an example of spiritual strength and moral life to the faithful.

The primary task of a priest is to be in God’s service, but also a spiritual support and education of the believers who seek his advice. A preparatory, junior level of priesthood is a deacon.


The Serbian word pоp (a priest), comes from the Greek pаpа, meaning, a father. The Orthodox also use a Greek word hiereus for a priest. The senior ones are called archpriests.


Throughout Serbia history, the priests have been the most esteemed figures among the common people, often the only literate and educated ones. They took care of the spiritual life in various circumstances and often had to take over political leadership of the people. No one single historic event in Serbs could be marked without a priest, including uprisings and wars.