The word Gospel has two meanings. The first one is the proclamation of the redemption of the world. God became a man! Jesus Christ has resurrected from the dead! The first disciples of Jesus Christ – the Apostles, preached the Gospel to the whole world. The Church bishops and the God’s people have continued to preach it up to the present day. The purpose of the proclamation of the Gospel is for the whole world to believe and accept salvation by Jesus Christ so as to earn Eternal Life.

The second meaning of the word relates to the four books of the New Testament, describing the life, the climax of the divine revelation. The four Christ’s Apostles: Mathew, Маrk, Luke and  John are called the Evangelistsbecause they wrote their personal accounts or what the first disciples witnessed about Christ and His words and deeds. The four Gospels are the most significant part of the Holy Scripture The New Testament.


Evangel means the good news, meaning the proclamation of the Jesus’s coming to the world.


An important part of the liturgical services is reading the Gospels. Once the majority was illiterate, so listening to the Gospels at church was the only way to get to know about the divine revelations. Gospels at church are a separate subject: a book for service purposes. Like many other sacred objects at church, the Book of Gospels is usually decorated with silver and gold clasps or with a particularly embroidered fabric.