God’s People

The Church is made of God’s people – all the baptised Orthodox Christians who believe in and celebrate God. God’s people as a whole serve the Divine Liturgy. Priests are just one segment of God’s people, ordained for special service, but the God’s Grace is equally provided for everyone at church.

Affiliation to the God’s people is not accomplished just by one’s ideological convictions, but also by participating  in the services and order of the church communion – the Body of Christ. The believers who in this life gather at Church around their bishop in celebration of God, in the future life (eternity) shall gather around Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.


It was a tradition in the past to consider whole nations as God’s people. Thus the Serbs considered themselves as Heavenly, a nation consecrated to God. Such an idea was more of an invitation and a national encouragement than anything based on reality. A line between the God’s people and an unbeliever cannot be drawn in general: it is each individual’s personal orientation whether to live with God or not.