Church is the  is the assembly or association of followers in prayers to God. There is a blessed and revealed order of the assembly, making the common people the God’s one.

Church is also a sacred place, a building for gatherings and worship. It can be recognised by its typical shape and a cross on its top. The church interior has the altar, where the priests perform the service in the name of the God’s people, and the place for the believers. A church is decorated with holy icons and its walls are sometimes fresco painted.


Church art covers various forms of human creativity. Art is expressed in icon paintings, in preaching and prayer, in music and songs dedicated to God and all the saints, and the beauty of a church is shown in its architecture. Throughout history, the Christian art has been the crown of human artistic creativity.


Orthodox Churches of the world are organised by different nations and different level of historic importance and primate. The highest Church level is a patriarchy. It is divided into eparchies (bishoprics) and those are further divided into numerous parishes.


The Christian Church has the two thousand years long history, during which it developed the clarity of its learning, rules of conduct of their believers and the manners the priests have organised and managed the spiritual life of the Christians. The Church is the most significant inspiration and the keeper of the most significant human civilisation values.