A bishop (vlаdikа in Serbian) is the highest Orthodox Church rank, the one who takes care about the spiritual life of a region. The Church of a nation is divided into several eparchies or dioceses. The bishop is a shepherd and a spiritual leader of the Orthodox Christians in an eparchy. He ordains the priests and supervises their services. Bishops are elected among the monks, those who live a celibate life and who have dedicated all their lives to God and Church. The monks of the most reputable way of life and educated enough are made bishops.

There is a special rite of ordaining a bishop, conducted by several other bishops. Then the newly ordained shepherd becomes a member of the assembly of bishops who jointly manage the Church.

A bishop can be recognised by his monk’s vestments and special insignia, the most apparent being the pаnаgiа – a medallion that bishops wear around their necks. He conducts the church service and as an elder of an eparchy is responsible for its management and purity of the Orthodox faith.


Bishop from Greek the overseer. Bishops of some important regions and cities (metropolises) are called the Metropolitans. The first among the bishops of a nation is the Patriarch.


The Holy Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church consists of several bishops. Each one manages the Church in a region whether in Serbia or in diaspora. The eparchies or bishoprics in Serbia are: the Žičа Eparchy, the Niš, the Rаs-Prizrеn, … The metropolitans: the Belgrade-Karlovci, the Montenegro-Littoral, the American … And the archbishoprics:  the Pеć and the Оhrid. The Russian Church has far more bishops than the Serbian – because of the sheer size of Russia. The same goes for the Greek Church – in Greece, each city has its separate eparchy.


Bishop were the majority among the fathers and teachers of Orthodoxy. They formulated the Orthodox religion and managed the Church through all its temptations of during the unfavourable historic circumstances. They gave many popular leaders, philosophers, politicians, scientists, artists. Many Serbian bishops rank among the most significant figures in the national history of this country.


St Sаvа, St Аrsеniје, Archbishop Dаnilо, St Basil of Ostrog, St Pеter of Cеtinje, Stеfаn Strаtimirоvić, Pеtаr Pеtrоvić Nјеgоš, Nikоdim Мilаš, St Bishop Nikоlај Vеlimirоvić.