Ravanica Monastery

Ravanica, Prince Lazar’s endowment, was built in the 1380’s and was dedicated to the Ascension of Our Lord. One of the most exquisite Morava School churches, it is a true example of the warmth and beauty of this architectural style, without embracing a monumental appearance. In the Morava Serbia, the greatest devotees flocked, the monks from all over the Balkans, as well as the best masters and artists. They all went to Ravanica and – supported by the pious Serbian prince – they left their spiritual masterpieces of love and artistic skill.


After his death, Holy Prince Lazar’s remains were kept in Ravanica and in the time of the Great Serbian Migration they were moved to Vrdnik on Fruška Gora. And after almost three centuries, they were finally returned to Ravanicu, where are kept today. Soon after it was built, St Romilo of Ravanica, one of the greatest devotees of the time, came to live there. His tomb is in the church narthex.


The few frescoes that have remained testify to the prowess of the masters that painted them. The famous one is Healing the blind, and on one of the walls there are still visible the portraits of the Holy Prince Lazar, princess Milica and the young Stefan and Vuk.


It is at the foot of the Kučaj mountains, near Senje village, nearby Ćuprija


Holy Prince Lazar, St Romilo of Ravanica