A prayer is a conversation with God and it constitutes the life substance of all the angels in Heaven and all the Saints. It the heart of all the virtues, of faith, primarily. Without a prayer it would not be possible to understand the secrets of Orthodoxy, the world we live in, the people we interact with – above all, without a prayer there cannot be real love for God or to get to know God. Holy Apostle Paul taught, “to be constant and unceasing in prayer”. Al the Church life is an endless prayer and endless serving to God.

Besides common service and prayers, when all the Christians participate, there are prayers that pertain to the everyday family life and those that are practiced in solitary silence. Prayers can also be divided into glorifying and celebrating prayers, prayers of thanksgiving and prayers of supplication.

A day of a Christian begins and end with prayers – in this way he offers himself and all his life to God. a prayer precedes any activity, so it is said before a meal, a prayer helps to calm a soul, but above all it is a path to God and getting to know God. We should not start to learn how to pray only when we are in a need for God – a Christian ideal is to pray incessantly, effortlessly, as we breath.


A monk Simeon’s (Nemanja) Prayer before passing away, St Sava; Stefan Prvovenčani, Stefan Nemanja’s Votive Prayer; Theodosius’ Prayer to St Simeon and St Sava; Jefimija’s Prayer to Prince Lazar; Holy Bishop of Serbia, Nikolai Velimirovic, Prayers by the Lake, Prayer for the Serbian Nation.