The fresco, a wall painting made by water colours on fresh plaster. The fresco painting technique was in use in the ancient times – Egypt, Crete, Greece, but it came to flourish in Byzantium and other mediaeval Orthodox lands. As a rule, the Orthodox churches are fresco painted or decorated with mosaics – images made of colourful stone fragments. Frescoes are extremely durable, they several hundred years and preserve their original condition for a long time.


It is an Italian word, to paint on fresh (plaster) – al fresco.


The Crucifixion, Studenica Monastery; Myrrh-bearers on the Christ’s Grave (the White Angel), Mileševa Monastery; Assumption of the Holy Virgin, Sopoćani Monastery; Ascension of Christ, Patriarchy of Pec; Holy Warriors, Manasija Monastery, …


Mihailo and Evtihije, fresco painters