Sport in its various forms simulates warlike contention. Sportspersons are heroes in the times of peace, who, to be honest, manifest their prowess and dexterity rather than heroism. But anyway, any sports deed requires a great heart and some courage. The most popular sports in this country are football, basketball, volleyball, handball and in the recent times, tennis.


In 1912 Serbia participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. After that, Serbian athletes participated in the teams of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the SFRY. As a successor to the said states, Serbia is proud of its heritage of sports accomplishments and all the past representations. Particularly successful were the Yugoslav basketball, volleyball and water polo representations. In 1991, football club the Red Star won the World Champion Cup. In 1992, the basketball club Partizan won the European Champion Cup. The basketball players of Serbia and Montenegro won two gold medals at the World Champions in 1998 and 2002. They were the European champions three times. In 2000, the Serbia and Montenegro volleyball representation won the gold medal at the Olympics, while the water polo swimmers were the World Champions and Olympic Vice Champions several times. Sport shooter, Jasna Šekarić ranks among the athletes with the greatest number of medals. In recent years, the Serbian tennis players have been among the top players in the world


Radivoj Korać, Dragutin Šekularac, Vera Nikolić, Dragan Kićanović, Dragan Džajić, Aleksandar Đorđević, Vlade Divac, Novak Đoković, Ana Ivanović, Jelena Janković, Jasna Šekarić and others.