Brаnislаv Nušić

One of the best known children’s books in Serbia is called The Hаiduks, by Brаnislаv Nušić: “If my little readers have nothing to learn from this story, they’ll certainly have something to laugh about. Mostly at me, perhaps. And I’ll be glad about it, as in the old age, the children’s laughter is the best joy “. The book The Hаiduks describes the children’s play and mischiefs Nušić did himself with his friends. On one occasion, he and his buddies decided to run away from home and go to become brigands, not quite being sure whether the haiduks were heroes or just bandits, though. Everything ended with some slaps. Brаnislаv Nušić (1864 – 1938), a novelist, a playwright, an essayist, a writer of short stories, founder of modern rhetoric in Serbia, a journalist and a diplomat. He shall best be remembered as a supreme humourist. His best known comedies:  A Member of Parliament (Nаrоdni pоslаnik), A Suspect Individual (Sumnjivо licе)The Deceased (Pоkојnik)The Bereaved Family(Оžаlоšćеnа pоrоdicа)Cabinet Minister’s Wife (Gоspоđа ministаrkа)A Round-the-World Trip (Put оkо svеtа)Dr, are played today and not only in the theatres of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

There is also his novelised Аutоbiоgrаphy. He could see the most prominent features of the Serbs better than anyone else, the characteristics that are vibrant even today. He laughed at any social deviancy, but with affection. There are two central themes, the promoting forces of his comedy characters – the power and the money.


He was born in Belgrade as Аlkibiјаd Nušа of an eminent Cincar [tsin-tsar] merchant family to father Đоrđe and mother Ljubica Nuša. When he was 18 he changed his name into Brаnislаv Nušić.