An archaeological site near Zајеčаr, in eastern Serbia. In the Roman times it was an imperial palace Felix Romuliana, built by the Emperor Galerius. Most probably it was never completed. In the 5th century it was ruined by the barbarians, only to be restored by the Emperor Justinian, as one of his border fortifications. It was a powerful town, with some two dozen fortified towers. There was a luxurious palace with three Christian temples, two pagan ones and other public buildings. Romuliana was a place of worship with a palace for Galerius to reside there as a senior emperor or August, to be revered as god after death.


The floor mosaics in the Justinian’s fortress, on the place of the erstwhile Romuliana, are deemed to be some of the highest late Antiquity achievements in Europe.

Some years ago, in front of an earlier great temple, parts of a colossal marble statue  of Jupiter was discovered – the Ancient holding an eagle in his outstretched right hand.