Nikоlа Pаšić

Besides their “King of the people” and the world famous commanders, at the time of the Albanian and Corfu Golgotha, the Serbs also had an eminent politician leading the country, Nikоlа Pаšić (1845-1926). He was loved by the people and was called “Bаја“, as he was wise, calm and firm political leader. Until the WWI, Nikоlа Pаšić the Prime Minister in four terms. He led Serbia successfully through the Balkan Wars and the First World War. He led a Serbian delegation at the 1913 peace conference in Bucharest, but also in Paris after the First World War.


Nikоla Pаšić’s comments expressed wisdom that was both popular and politically striking. For instance:

The Serbs are a small nation, but there not a larger one between Vienna and Constantinople.