The Šabac Fair

The best known fair in Serbia is in Šabac, held every year on 21 September, on the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos – Mother of God. It is celebrated in an old Belgrade bohemian song, starting with the words, ‘oćemo li u Šabac na vašar (Shall we go to the Šabac Fair). Many a singer started his career at the Šabac fair, where today one can still find famous fair attractions like the “wall of death” – motorcycle ride along a huge barrel wall, then various types of merry-go-round,   shooting ranges, cotton candy, candy and sugar coated fruits… There are people selling all sorts of things, but there are also old crafts: coppersmiths, coopers, blacksmiths…

Each year the fairs lasts for 4–5 days and usually preceded by a famous Čivijada [tchivi-yada], a contest of wit and satire. Usually tens of thousands people gather at the fair, and it is said that in the past there used be even up to 300,000 visitors.


Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos – Mother of God, the Orthodox Church celebrates on 21 September by the Gregorian, and on 8 September by the Julian calendar.


The poem Fair (Vašar) by Mika Antić, Father and Son (Otac i sin) by Đura Jakšić, an old Belgrade bohemian song Shall We Go to the Šabac Fair (‘Oćemo li u Šabac na vašar).