The Holy Trinity

The feast of the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles – The Holy Trinity – among the folk known as the Ghost, actually fulfils what Christ promised. After the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven, His disciples gathered every day in a house in Jerusalem, on Mount Zion, serving a liturgy and waiting for the Consoler to come back. Then on the tenth day, as if a storm had broken out, followed by great noise, in flames of fire the Holy Ghost descends upon the disciples. Everyone started speaking different languages and since that day was a great Jewish feast and the towns was full of Jews from all over, many heard the sermons of the apostles and believed in Christ and Resurrection. We read on the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles in the Acts of the Apostles, who say that on that day three thousand people got baptised. The Descent of the Holy Ghost marks the birth of the Church. The third aspect of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Ghost, spread His blessing upon the people of Christ, unifying them in the Church, thus  making Christ to be present on Earth once again, but now as the Church, as the Body of Christ. Whenever the God’s people gather to serve the liturgy, the Holy Ghost comes to unify the people with the Body of Christ, the Church. Each liturgy is appearance of the Holy Ghost, but the Church celebrates the as a special feast  fifty days after Easter. That is why the feast is called Pentecost. Also, the Holy Trinity, because on that day the Holy Trinity appears in the world and in history completely, as the Holy Ghost, although appearing earlier, is fully present in the Church.


Pentecost depicted on icons and frescoes show the twelve flames of fire descending upon the twelve apostles.