Fairy Circle Dance

No one can better in singing and dancing than – who else – a fairy. It is a well know fact that they gather to circle dance and there is no place for humans in a fairy dance. The fairy dance is even forbidden, unattainable for humans. Furthermore, no one can see it as the fairies usually gather in secluded places by night. However, one may be able to spot a dancing place – where fairies circle danced, as sometime they may have left some hoof-prints in the grass or the grass just grows in a particularly circular fashion. But unfortunate is the one who steps on such a place, or God forbid,   stumbles upon their dancing circle! The common folk attributed many diseases to a bruised ego of a fairy or to her vindictiveness.


The composer Stevan Hristić’s ballet, the Legend of Ohrid features rusalkas, the lake fairies, and their leader, Biserka, helps the hero, a handsome young man,  Marko.