Vuk Branković

Vuk Branković, an eminent Serbian nobleman, Prince Lazar’s son-in-law, fought bravely in the Kosovo battle until the final outcome became obvious. Then he withdrew in order to save the rest of his army, but he remained a sworn enemy of the Turks all his life.


Folk poems and stories about his betrayal are unfounded, but nevertheless, his name remained a symbol of betrayal.


Epic songs: Kneževa večera (Supper in Kruševac)Propast carstva srpskog (The Fall of the Serbian Empire)Carica Milica and Vladeta VojvodeSluga Milutin (Milutin the Servant).


At the time of the Battle of Kosovo, Vuk Branković was the lord of the Kosovo region which included Skoplje and Prizren with its surroundings.


Vuk Branković is the son to Branko Mladenović, who ruled in Ohrid and was one of the noblemen loyal to Emperor Urošu the Weak. He was Prince Lazar’s son-in-law and his partner. He took part in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, but after the battle, the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid drove him out of the Kosovo region, so he died in exile.


Vuk Branković is a forebear of the Branković lineage. With Lazar’s daughter Mara, Vuk had three sons: Grgur, Đurađ and Lazar. The second Vuk’s son was Despot Đurađ Branković, who ruled over Serbia by 1456, when Serbia fell under the Ottoman rule.